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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dear Cornbread Diaries,

#3 and me went to have lunch the other day at Cotham's Mercantile, an ole time favorite in the Scott/North Little Rock area.  I had the famous Cotham's little hubcap burger with homemade onion rings and was certainly not disappointed. #3 had the veggie lunch and complained the whole time he was watching me eat my luscious burger. Never could understand why people order fish at a steak place place either. Anyway, as I was saying, the burger was delicious but the cornbread and veggies were simply pitiful. #3 said the cornbread muffin was so thin, you could see straight through it. Southern cornbread, certainly not their specialty! And, the veggies not so good...except for the corn which tasted fresh from the fields. Oh well, take my advice...when you're going to a famous lil' hole in the wall like Cotham's, order what they're famous for...the hubcap burgers, knucklehead! And, don't forget that delightful sweet tea to wash it all down! And, wear your comfy shoes...waitin' is a bit long sometimes at this ole time Arkansas favorite hole in the wall.
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